Panini Press Recipes from the Road: Brunch of Leftovers

One of the only things that’s tough for me when I’m on an epic road trip is that I don’t always have the opportunity to cook. I have been in Boise, Idaho for the better part of a week at a very cute AirBnB whose only deficiency is that it has no kitchen (though it does have a dorm fridge).

But I picked up a $5 panini press at a local thrift shop and I’m starting to get the idea that this very well may be the ideal “road warrior” cooking implement. Check out this beautiful brunch dish I assembled from leftover sweet potato fries, a leftover chorizo sausage and piperade, chives I found growing in the yard and one of the eggs I bought before I knew I didn’t have a kitchen:

It’s in a takeout box because that’s all my local coffee shop had when I went out for my three-shot Americano. It worked nicely as a bowl, though, since I had my runny egg yolk mixing with the potatoes, sausage and pepper-and-eggplant chutney.

Please enjoy my step by step tutorial on how to cook without a kitchen in your AirBnB. (Fortunately I did bring along a paring knife and I bought a spatula when I bought the panini press!) You’ll notice my Boise Weekly ‘cutting board,’ and that I used the handle of my fork to get the top heating element close to the egg without smooshing it.

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