Acute golf addiction and chasing Mardi Gras ingredients

I remember at some point believing that I would find time to house-make andouille sausage for this Saturday’s Mardi Gras event; the garlicky spiced and smoked pork sausages that many Cajun and Creole recipes rely on for flavor. That was almost certainly before I became hopelessly addicted to golf, a lifestyle change that has been molding my body and boosting my endurance and strength in all positive ways. I’m on track to play 54 holes this week on three different courses – and not the way I learned to play it; with a motorized cart and a cooler full of beer. I’m walking it, as everyone but non-able-bodied people do here and pushing a golf trolley up and down some decent sized hills (and through far too much rough for my liking). There aren’t any people-sized scales in the homestead here at Ratho Farm, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve lost 20 pounds since I arrived at the beginning of February. (I would have lost more but as it turns out golf bags have just the right size pockets to transport a sixer.)

Though golf is a healthy addiction in many ways, I’m embarrassed to say, that my new friends and Mardi Gras guests on Saturday here will almost certainly suffer a slight disservice because of it, as my blogging has. (Is there a Golfanon?) I haven’t been able to find much to substitute for andouille:  the “Texas Style” ones I bought yesterday as a sample have a bit of heat from chili powder and the garlicky pork sausages I bought have very little other spice to them. Neither of them are smoked. I’m getting a bit desperate, so am considering rubbing the exterior of the garlicky sausages with a cayenne/paprika rub and then just chucking them on the smoker Mick made for an hour or so. It’s just about, you guessed it, tee time! I’m off to play nine before I head into Hobart to continue the hunt for smoked sausages, for fresh okra (have frozen as a back up!) and to pick up a mammoth order at the grocer. We’ve got at least 30 in for Mardi Gras and possibly another 10 or 12 depending on if the guests who are in the cottages choose to eat here and not in town. Wish me luck!

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